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Big East Report: Four Teams Remain

If it wasn’t for UConn’s run to the national title last season, the story of the NCAA tournament may have been the collectively woeful performance by the Big East. The league got 11 bids and only two

UConn enters pivotal offseason

We’ve reflected enough; now it’s time to look ahead. Actually, check out this link first: UConn’s season in quotes. O.K., now we’ve reflected enough. When UConn takes the floor in October 2012, there

UConn’s Season in Quotes

A look back at the 2011-12 UConn basketball season and some of its memorable quotes: *October 19: “As talented as some of these young kids may be, they aren’t magical. Every one of you that saw Kemba

Notes/Quotes from Iowa State: “More often than not, you end up sitting here talking about what you could have done and should have done.”

For one, Jeremy Lamb probably shouldn’t have attempted a windmill on the last play of the game. Really not his best idea. That was the exclamation point on an extremely disappointing effort that ended

UConn becomes first defending champion since ’96 to lose in first round

UConn returned four of five starters from last season’s national championship squad, but lost a pretty damn valuable one in Kemba Walker. This season ended with a 20-14 record and a disheartening

Live coverage: UConn vs. Iowa State

UConn vs. Iowa State

Gameday: UConn vs. Iowa State

Two things can happen tonight: Either UConn sets up a second round showdown with top-seeded Kentucky or the Huskies head back to Storrs for good with a 20-14 final record. Here’s everything you need

Poll: What’s the key for UConn Thursday?

The key to Thursday’s game is…

Notes/Quotes from UConn press conference: “I always felt this team pushed too hard to be something it wasn’t yet.”

For the first time this season, Jim Calhoun really opened up about UConn’s struggles and shed some light on the pysche of the team. “I always thought that this team pushed too hard, too much to be

Iowa State Players: “I mean, Kemba Walker isn’t coming back, is he?”

All season long, Jim Calhoun has preached that UConn isn’t defending its national championship, but simply trying to win a new one. Iowa State has bought into the philosophy, as well. “I mean, Kemba