Oriakhi Will Visit UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Missouri

UConn forward Alex Oriakhi, perhaps the most sought-after transfer in the country, will “definitely visit” North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky and Missouri, his father told Hearst Connecticut Media Group Tuesday.

Alex Oriakhi (AP)

Oriakhi requested his release from UConn on March 21. He won’t have to sit out a year if UConn’s 2013 tournament ban holds up, which seems to be the most likely scenario at this point. The school is currently awaiting word on an appeal for a postseason waiver. If the appeal is rejected, UConn could sneak into the tournament if the NCAA changes its timetable for APR data collection.

Kentucky, the reigning national champion, will be in the market for a big man after the inevitable departures of Anthony Davis and Terrence Jones. In addition to Oriakhi, the Wildcats could still pick up two five-star freshmen to fill out the frontcourt:  Nerlens Noel, the nation’s No. 1 prospect, has Kentucky in his final three and power forward Anthony Bennett is also considering a stint in Lexington.

Because the SEC does not allow one-year transfers, Oriakhi would have to file for an academic waiver in order to become eligible at Kentucky or Missouri.

Oriakhi’s father also listed Xavier, Ohio State and UNC-Charlotte as possible destinations.

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  1. […] While Alex Oriakhi (transfer from UConn) has not officially removed the Blue Devils from his short list, it is not likely that he will be coming to Durham, as he has four teams on the list right now. […]

  2. pete says:

    Think about it. Calapari promotes one and done and he knows how to game the system so Kentucky doesn’t have to adhere to the progress rules and UCONN gets penalized because its recruits stay for 2-3 years. And remember Calapari ran a dirty program at UMASS and then move on to Memphis where he ran a dirty program and now to Kentucky. Both UMASS and Memphis were stripped of its final four money and appearances and Calapari moves on. Totally Amazing

  3. […] is transferring from the Huskies. His father had said that he would “definitely visit” North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky and […]

  4. […] Connecticut Times that Oriakhi has narrowed his list of candidates — sorry Florida — and will visit four schools: Kentucky, Missouri, Duke and North Carolina.That seems to provide further proof that the SEC will okay an Oriakhi transfer into the […]

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  6. Daniel says:

    If that’s the case then Royce white must not be going to the nba either..oh wait

  7. Eastsideguyq says:

    Screw this kid, pay back your scholorship. He isn’t going to the nba, he can’t hit free throws

  8. Joe says:

    Mizxou still in Big 12 until July 1st , may
    Make a difference.

  9. Joe says:

    Mizzou still officially in Big 12 until July 1st
    and that may eliminate need of requirement.

  10. Kevin Duffy says:

    Sorry, should have included Mizzou there too

  11. Brian says:

    “Because the SEC does not allow one-year transfers, Oriakhi would have to file for an academic waiver in order to become eligible at Kentucky.”

    But not Mizzou?

  12. […] Kevin Duffy of Hearst Media is reporting that Oriakhi is planning visits to North Carolina, Duke, Missouri, and Kentucky. Duffy’s source, Oriakhi’s father, also named Ohio State, Xavier, and UNC-Charlotte as possible destinations for his son to land. […]

  13. Kyle says:

    He will end up at Xavier or UNC Charlotte. AO and especially his father think he is a way better player than he actually is, so once the elite teams tell him he will only be a role player he will go where he will ply a lot. Can’t totally fault him for that, but I think that is the reality of the situation.