Oriakhi: “I was thinking Missouri since the day I decided to transfer”

I spoke briefly with ex-UConn forward Alex Oriakhi, who committed to Missouri during a visit to the campus Friday evening.

A few interesting quotes from AO:

Alex Oriakhi (AP)

*Oriakhi on the sudden decision: “It was always Missouri in the back of my mind. I felt very comfortable when I got here, to be honest, and I said ‘Why delay it? Why keep that going on?’ It’s been very stressful. I definitely wanted to just get it over with.”

*Oriakhi on Missouri: “I was thinking Missouri since I decided to transfer. But I didn’t want to jump the gun. I definitely wanted to hear what other schools had to say. I wanted to hear what Missouri had to say. The biggest thing with them is they don’t have enough big men besides Laurence Bowers, and he told me ‘Please come here. I don’t want to play the 5.’”

*Oriakhi on his time at UConn: “My years at UConn definitely had their ups and downs, it’s been tough for me at times, but I don’t regret going to UConn at all. Those were some of the best times of my life. I was able to accomplish getting a national championship, which most people can’t say. I’m always going to be a Husky, it’s definitely hard leaving those guys. They’re like my brothers. It’s not easy, but Alex has to do what’s best for Alex at the end of the day.”