Roscoe Smith, UNLV to test NCAA rule

Former UConn forward Roscoe Smith will attempt to become eligible immediately at UNLV, according to an report.

The story cites a source that says UNLV will “build a case” around Smith’s desire to play in the NCAA tournament.

Roscoe Smith (AP)

It seems highly unlikely that the waiver will be approved, however. The current rule (below) states that transfers can be granted a waiver if their remaining eligibility is concurrent with the length of their previous school’s postseason ban.

On the recommendation of the Committee on Academic Performance, for a student-athlete who transfers to a member institution to continue the student-athlete’s opportunity for full participation in a sport because the student-athlete’s original institution is ineligible for postseason competition, pursuant to the Academic Performance Program, that would preclude the institution’s team in that sport from participating in postseason competition during all of the remaining seasons of the student-athlete’s eligibility, provided the student-athlete would have been academically eligible had he or she remained at his or her original institution (see also Bylaw (Adopted: 1/9/06 effective 8/1/06)

So, to put it in simple terms, Smith should have been aware of this rule when he decided to transfer. Just because Alex Oriakhi got to transfer without sitting — and he had to find a loophole in the SEC’s one-year transfer ban — doesn’t mean Smith will get the same treatment.