Reports: UConn, Louisville considered for ACC vacancy

The dominoes have fallen quickly, and it appears UConn could be in line for a jump to the ACC.

According to multiple reports, Maryland has accepted an invite to join the Big 10, leaving the ACC with a vacancy for its 14-team league. An ESPN report cited sources saying Connecticut was “the most likely candidate,” but school officials had not been contacted by the league as of Sunday night, the report said.

A report Tuesday indicated the UConn and Louisville were the two lead candidates. Although it’s widely believed the league will move quickly, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports tweeted that he’s been told “the ACC will not hurry into replacing Maryland.”

If UConn is in fact extended an offer, it’s a no-brainer: The ACC is the nation’s new basketball SuperConference, and it offers big TV money for football, something the Big East has not yet been able to secure. The ACC recently inked a $3.6 billion contract with ESPN through 2028, a deal pays out roughly $17 million annually to each member. Ever since Mike Aresco was hired as Big East commissioner, it’s been the league’s mission to secure a similar contract. With the conference in turmoil and yet another major football member leaving, it may be difficult to do so.

The ACC is also reported to be considering South Florida and Cincinnati, but it appears likely the decision will come down to Louisville and UConn.

Louisville is a sensible addition because it offers the strongest combination of football and men’s basketball. UConn, still a power in men’s hoops but a “work in progress,” as Paul Pasqualoni would say, on the gridiron, gives the league a presence in the Greater New York market.

UConn athletic director Warde Manuel could not be reached for comment. He is reportedly on his way to the Virgin Islands for tonight’s Paradise Jam championship between UConn and New Mexico.

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5 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    SNY paid a significant rights fee for UCONN because they were having trouble getting distribution on cable systems in CT outside of Fairfield County, since those people don’t care about the Mets. Once they got the rights to UCONN men’s basketball, every cable system in CT added them.

  2. Mo Bartot says:

    Since Kevin Ollie is an alum,a former player with a good past, a recent Asst.Coach and has a pretty good reputation in basketball circles and most importantly endorsed by Hall-Of-Fame coach Jim Calhoun, where in hell is this big gamble in giving him a decent contract? For every lost good recruit the program will furthur be set back! mnb UConn Alum

  3. Tony says:

    No UCONN is not in the traditional NY market. That said, there are enough UCONN fans, alumni etc., to deem the following in Southern Ct. as significant. Go Huskies. p.s. tough loss to UNM and tough loss in not getting Brandon Austin, the 6’6″ guard out of Philly. How long will it take for UCONN to regain it’s clout in the recruiting world?

  4. GhostofAntricKlaiber says:

    Mayor, please speak for yourself. UConn isn’t IN the New York market. However, it does have a strong and loyal fan base here in Fairfield County. And by the way, there’s a reason why SNY paid a significant local rights fee for UConn men and now women to air their games. Last time I checked, SNY was quite a relevant cable sports outlet… in the NYC metro area.

  5. Mayor McCheese says:

    Does anyone really consider UCONN to be in the New York market? No one in Fairfield County or in the New York Metro area could care less about UCONN sports. New York City is not a college sports town. Why should it be when we have multiples of every major league professional sport here.