Report: Louisville one vote shy of ACC invite

Mark Blaudschun, formerly of the Boston Globe, tweeted Tuesday night that Louisville was one vote away from gaining approval to come to the ACC. Three-fourths of the ACC must vote in favor of the move in order for a team to earn an invite.

If the report is accurate (and this is a credible source; remember, Blaudschun was the guy who pretty much called Calhoun’s retirement the week before it happened), it’s certainly not good news for UConn.

But it isn’t the end of the world, either. There’s still a chance the ACC adds more than one school. An ESPN report earlier today had UConn, Louisville and Navy as potential targets. If the ACC adds three schools, that bumps the football-membership to 16 and basketball-membership to 17.

Or, of course, that one mystery school could change its mind on Louisville, leaving UConn stuck with Tulane, Houston, Central Florida and the rest of Conference USA.