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Realignment’s effect on Recruiting


I plan to have a more in-depth assessment of this issue soon, but for now, take a look at comments from a few top 100 prospects.

I asked each of them a simple question: How much does conference affiliation matter to you when choosing a school?

*Reggie Cameron, 2013, committed to Georgetown: “On a scale of 1-10, about a seven.” (Cameron, who had offers from B1G, ACC and Big East schools, added that coach and playing time are two more important factors).

*Jordan Bell, 2013, committed to Oregon: “None.”

*Adonys Henriquez, 2014, uncommitted and entertaining offers from every major conference: “Scale of 1-10, it’s a six.”

*Lori Zimmerman, mother of 2015 top 10 prospect Stephen Zimmerman: “Not much.”

*Terrence Samuel, 2013, committed to UConn: “Doesn’t matter as long as I’m a Husky.” (He’s learning fast).

Recruiting is already an uphill battle for Kevin Ollie, whose one-year contract likely played a role in Brandon Austin’s decision to attend Providence over UConn (though that has not been confirmed). This whole conference realignment dilemma is just another obstacle that Ollie must overcome while building for the future.

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  1. Mike McManus says:

    This was a great idea Kevin and somewhat consoling. Writers and fans have made a big deal about the fact that UCONN has been overlooked by the ACC, or as some have said..”Spurned.” There’s too much hearsay and too few facts so what you have done is made an effort to search for the truth and get the facts from the athletes themselves. Maybe this will quiet some of the many pundits out there. UCONN will be graded by the body of it’s work on the court and in the classroom.