Report: Non-football schools meet with Aresco

The seven Big East catholic schools — all non-football members — met with league commissioner Mike Aresco Sunday to “express their concern with the direction of the conference,” according to a report confirmed by

Warde Manuel and Susan Herbst (AP)

From the ESPN story:  Sources said the seven schools discussed a number of options but most importantly wanted to have “lots of dialogue to better understand the best course of action for the future.” Another source said no decision was made on what future action to take.

“It’s too early to say on that,” said a source.

At issue is whether the Big East basketball-only schools have the power to dissolve the league, and retain all the assets and brand name. A source with knowledge of the situation said that until July 1, the seven have the majority votes and the necessary three-fourths to have controlling power. There are only three remaining football members — Connecticut, Cincinnati and South Florida.

The takeaway: If the seven schools (Marquette, Georgetown, St. John’s, Seton Hall, Villanova, DePaul, Providence) do indeed defect from the conference, that’s reallllly bad news for UConn.

I’ve always said the Huskies men’s basketball program can survive in the Big East, but it’ll be extremely difficult to do so without those seven schools. That leaves UConn with a few options: Follow its rivals and join with Georgetown and Villanova, and then either join a separate league for football or go independent. Not ideal. The Huskies could just stick in the new Conference USA and hope to thrive there. Also not ideal.

In a perfect world, UConn would leave for a new league — either into the ACC or Big 10 — sometime soon. You better believe the administration is praying for option No. 3.