Report: Seven Catholic schools to leave Big East

The future of the seven catholic Big East schools is expected to be decided within days, according to an ESPN report, and sources said it would be “an upset” if they remained in the league.

The New York Post reported Thursday morning that the seven schools — Marquette, Villanova, St. John’s, Providence, Seton Hall, DePaul and Georgetown — will indeed split from the Big East.

The ESPN report said that the presidents of the seven schools are scheduled to conduct a teleconference with Big East commissioner Mike Aresco on Thursday and are expected to issue a statement on their schools’ future in the next 24 to 48 hours.

UConn president Susan Herbst has contacted officials from the non-FBS Big East members, pleading with them to stay in the league, sources told ESPN.

It’s unknown whether the seven schools will attempt to dissolve the league altogether or simply branch off as a group. The league can be dissolved by a two-thirds majority vote, according to Big East bylaws. The seven catholic schools plus Cincinnati, UConn and South Florida are the only institutions that can vote on dissolution.

If the move happens, the three holdovers would be left with Memphis, Temple, Tulane, Southern Methodist, Central Florida and Houston.

SNY’s Adam Zagoria reported that the seven Big East catholic schools will target Xavier, Butler, Virginia Commonwealth, Dayton, Gonzaga and St. Mary’s for its new league.

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6 Responses

  1. Jake says:

    Geneco, you can watch the team by going to the game.

  2. geneco says:

    Herbst has upset the women’s basketball TV also. She took the TV contract to SNY a New York outfit and turned her back on the production company that put women’s basket ball on the map. She didn’t give a damn about Connecticut fans who watched the games as long as she could make it look like good to the ACC. Well that backfired in her face. Now the women can be seen in Pennsylvania and not in some areas of Connecticut. Not all cable and dish companies carry SNY so that shows how much she cares about the people in Connecticut. I have watched the games since CPTV started showing them in 1994 and now can’t see them except for when they are on the major sports networks. Twenty games will be missed because of this woman’s ego. She is only looking to create her own larger than life image and now it is starting to blow up in her face. I hope those colleges leave the Big East. Herbst deserves it.
    What’s next???? Move UCONN to a southern state???? Wouldn’t surprise me with that woman in control. She’s in over her head, period.

    PS: According to Gerry Franklyn, President of CPTV they were only $20,000 apart on the contract and he asked to be allowed to attempt to sharpen his pencil and see if he couldn’t find that room and resubmit and she refused. If they keep her long enough UCONN will disappear.

  3. fciac fan says:

    UCONN can resurrect the Yankee conference

  4. BeeGee says:

    Would have preferred hearing that “UConn president Susan Herbst has contacted team recruiters, pleading with them to look for student athletes that actually have a shot at graduating”. Oh well…

  5. le says:

    What comes around goes around. Hypocritical behavior! Welcome to the MAC UC fans — HA AH HA HA

  6. Vin DiMasi says:

    What a phony this Herbst lady is- pleading with the other schools to stay? It wasn’t that long ago she herself was looking to move U CON to another conference. Had a hissy fit when they got rejected by the ACC
    Loyalty? come on grow up