Notes/Quotes from Dec. 20: “I kind of came to terms with no matter what we do, it’s not going to be in our hands.”

If nothing else, you can count on Shabazz Napier to share an opinion or two.

Early in the season, the Huskies insisted that they were playing this season for Kevin Ollie, whose contract expires in April. Ten games in, it seems as though Ollie has positioned himself for an extension. So what’s the holdup? UConn athletic director Warde Manuel could be waiting for the first semester grades to be finalized (which likely happens this week) or he could be waiting to observe Ollie in Big East play.

Here’s what Napier had to say on the matter:

Kevin Ollie (UConn athletics)

” Warde, our AD, we don’t know what he’s doing. After Michigan State game, I felt like he was going to get his (contract). Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way. I kind of came to terms with no matter what we do, it’s not going to be in our hands. We can win as many games as we want. I still don’t believe it’s going to be in our hands where (Manuel) is going to give him the job. Hopefully we keep on winning and keep being great student-athletes off the court so he can see that coach Ollie is just not about basketball. He’s about you being a man and maturing.”

And, of course, Ollie addressed the issue as well.

“”I’m going to do my job regardless,” Ollie said. “It’s something I can’t control, like the realignment — I can’t control that. I’m not worrying about the contract. You care about it because you do want a contract, but I’m not losing sleep over it. Trust me on that.”

(The players)  know I have a four-month contract, but they’re still playing like I’m here forever,” he continued. “So I’m going to do the same for them.”

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  1. Gary Rascoe says:

    Kevin Ollie has earned the respect of his players and myself. He is handling the situation in a very professional manner – hats off to him. I love his quote at the end of the article where he summarizes that his players are playing for him like he will be there forever and that he will do the same for them. I only see upside potential as Kevin continues to grow in the coaching position.