Notes/Quotes from Dec. 28: “This is why God created us.”

UConn visited the Newtown Youth Academy Thursday, and at the request of the town, media was not allowed.

Can’t say I blame them.

After Friday’s practice, the Huskies spoke about the experience:

*Kevin Ollie: “It was something special…all the kids came in, we were signing autographs, kids were smiling, fans were smiling. Then we got an opportunity to interact with the kids and just play basketball and have fun. I think we’re all kids at heart. I like to tell myself that I’m still a kid, and that’s what it’s all about — influencing other people.”

“It’s the responsibility we have. This is our job. This is why God created us – to help other people in need and hopefully on the other end, somebody’s helping you.”

*Ryan Boatright: “It was a good experience. It was something to bring happiness and put smiles on the kids’ faces. I know they’ve been through a lot, so to go down there as a team and make them have a good time and kind of take their mind away from the tragedy — it’s a great experience.”