Recapping Kevin Ollie’s contract extension

If September 13 was Jim Calhoun’s day, then December 29 belonged solely to Kevin Ollie, who was awarded a five-year contract extension through April, 2018.

There hasn’t been much good news in UConn athletics lately, and the fanbase can now breathe a sigh of relief: Kevin Ollie is free. He can now begin to truly recruit.

It’s a relief for Warde Manuel, too. The guy has a ton of pressure on him: Find the right conference for UConn and find the right successor for Calhoun. That’s no easy task.

Luckily for Manuel, Kevin Ollie fell into his lap. Twelve games in (and ten toes in), Ollie has proven that he’s unequivocally the right choice.

“What Kevin has done, even in the short period of time, has showed me that, hey, we might have bumps in the road, we might lose here and there,” Manuel said. “But I’ve got the right leader who will stick with it and fight through it because he loves this place.”

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*Ollie’s salary, for those interested: 2013 — $1.2 million; 2014  — $1.25 million; 2015 — $1.3 million; 2016 — $1.325 million; 2017 — $1.34 million; 2018 — $502,500 (annualized from Jan. 1 — April 15).