Notes/Quotes with Jim Calhoun

I caught up with Jim Calhoun Thursday afternoon for a story that will run in Hearst Connecticut newspapers on Sunday.

Some thoughts from the former Huskies head coach. Much more to come Sunday.

Jim Calhoun (AP)

*Calhoun said he wouldn’t have fouled Marquette in the late-game situation. He said the strategy backfired on him years ago and he hasn’t attempted it since.

*Calhoun on the crumbling Big East: “It was (once) dynamite, just the Saturday night in Madison Square Garden, some of the games, the wars, six overtimes, I can give you a hundred things. To see that all start to dissipate over greed, quite frankly, probably I have to say this, why not accept the ESPN contract that would have kept everyone together at $11 million for each team from the $3.2 million we get now. It’s stupid. I don’t know who advised our former commissioner, who’s a good guy, but clearly, it was a miscalculation. In a time of turmoil, you can’t be turning down money.”

*Calhoun on UConn this year: “I always felt that every game I coached was an event. There was a buzz when you get to the XL center. You know what? Except for the students I love, they helped make those years great for me, that buzz is not going on right now…We have to have a whole relook at how we distribute tickets. When they tell me we have 12,000 tickets sold for the Washington game, and I think the handcount was 8,000, and there’s 4,000 people sitting at home, why can’t we use those tickets someplace else for five bucks?  I’ve been trying for years to get the students in the lower-level like Michigan State does.”