Miami center Brimah commits to UConn

Amida Brimah, a 6-11 center from Miami’s Archbishop Coleman Carroll, verbally committed to UConn this morning. The recruit made the announcement via Twitter.

He is the third player to commit in Kevin Ollie’s first recruiting class. He joins Long Island Lutheran’s Kentan Facey and Brooklyn’s Terrence Samuel.

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Sean Patrick Bowley

4 Responses

  1. No Ax to Grind says:

    @Nick-I didn’t denigrate WCSU or any other school. WCSU is not the calibur of UConn in basketball. That was my point, and I made it with facts.

  2. Nick says:

    @Mayor McCheese – There are no tax dollars spent for the basketball program. They generate millions of dollars every year, they actually pay for the other sports, as does football. Sports at UConn are self sufficient and actually turn a profit. So put a sock in your idiocy.

    @NoAx2Grind – Take it easy about WCSU. Thats my alma mater. Dont denigrate other schools to make your point.

  3. No Ax to Grind says:

    Ahhhh…Another delusional parent that thinks his kid is good enough to play at UConn and that they should be offering him a scholarship as oppossed to bringing in REAL basketball talent. After all, his son is home grown and would stay all 4 years at the “State School” where he pays his taxes. Have another burger Mayor McCheese and enjoy watching your son play at WestConn, you still get the in state discount….lol.

  4. Mayor McCheese says:

    Wonderful. More of our tax dollars wasted on another out of state kids who will transfer or turn pro before he graduates.