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The Transfer Report: Oriakhi hitting his stride


Now with career highs in points per game, field goal percentage and free throw percentage, Alex Oriakhi seems well- adjusted at Missouri.

Alex Oriakhi (AP)

This past week, Oriakhi scored 18 points and pulled down 11 rebounds while shooting a perfect 14-for-14 overall (10 from the free throw line; four from the floor). Of course, Oriaki wasn’t quite as impressive in a 31-point rout at Florida last weekend, totaling just four points and two boards.

For the season, though, the 6-foot-9 UConn transfer is averaging 10.4 points and 8.4 rebounds on 57.5 percent shooting from the field and 74.4 percent from the line (that’s a remarkable 18 percentage points higher than his average from 2011-12).

Is there a correlation between the statistical spike and Oriakhi’s comfort level? Quite possibly. But you must consider this, too: Oriakhi is a senior, and generally players have their best seasons as seniors.

Ground-breaking stuff, I know.

Aside from Oriakhi, here’s a look at some other recent UConn transfers:

Jamal Coombs-McDaniel, Hofstra – Knee issues have pushed back Coombs-McDaniel’s long-awaited debut in Long Island. If he’s ready to go next season, it’ll be his first game action since the 2011 national championship.

Scottie Haralson, Tulsa — Haralson has never shot over 40 percent from the field in his four-year career. In fact, this season has statistically been his worst: Haralson, who bolted from UConn after one year, is converting just 34.4 percent of his field goal attempts for 9.6 points per game. It’s the first time he’s averaged less than 10 at Tulsa.

Jamaal Trice, Appalachian State – The 6-foot-6 senior has totaled just 10 points in his past six games, dropping his season average to 6.3. He’s shooting just 31.8 percent from the floor.

Michael Bradley, Vincennes University — After being denied immediate eligibility at Western Kentucky, Bradley found his way to Vincennes University (Indiana), where he’s played just six games.

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2 Responses

  1. Lou says:

    Not much has changed with AO as far as I can see. The only game I have seen him in action this year was the blowout at Florida. He was dominated and embarrassed in that game. Same as always. Big opponent and he crawls into a fetal position. Has been and will always be a bust. Even with out lack of size and depth down low this year, we are a much better team without AO.

  2. Nick says:

    Good riddance to trash. I have no respect for AO, he’s a traitor. He fizzles in the big games at Mizzou. He always does well against lesser and smaller opponents. His problem has been playing against bigger or better teams, where he disappears.