Notes/Quotes from Feb. 5: “I don’t even like watching ESPN because I see the daggone ‘Journey to the Tourney’ commercial.”

That’s a quote from Ryan Boatright, not Bobby Bowden.

Ryan Boatright (AP)

And after much deliberation, I’ve decided to stick with the “daggone” spelling. A few other writers have opted for “dadgum,” which seems to be the proper spelling according to Urban Dictionary.

But I march to the beat of my own daggone drum. So I’m not changing a thing.

Anyway, UConn looks to extend its winning streak to four games when it visits St. John’s Wednesday at The Garden:

*Ollie on the winning streak: “To win three in a row in the Big East is good, to win four is great, five is great. You have to win four before you win five. I just want us to keep playing the right way, we haven’t put a real whole game together but we’re finding ways to win, and every game is different…you’re going to have to find how the referees are controlling the game and whether your shot is going in or out, you always have to play defense and I think this team understands that.”

*St. John’s freshman Jamal Branch (sprained MCL) may miss Wednesday’s game. A starter for the past six games, Branch suffered the injury in Saturday’s loss to Georgetown. If he can’t go, freshman center Chris Obekpa (5.8 rebounds, 4.5 blocks) could be in line for more time. Obekpa, a Long Island native, was recruited by UConn, and apparently by Omar Calhoun, too.

“(Obekpa) and I are close friends,” Calhoun said. “I tried to get him to come here, but he ended up going to St. John’s.”

*Boatright on going up against a big-time shotblocker: “Everybody blocks shots. It isn’t like ‘oh, he blocks five shots’, I played against Anthony Davis, know what I’m saying? There are plenty shotblockers that I run up against. It isn’t a big thing; we just have to finish and play smart basketball.”