Report: UNC has B1G offer

If North Carolina or Virginia were to bolt for greener pastures, it would be one B1G move for UConn (ehhhhhh).

Yes, conference realignment rumors are back. And they’re coming from a legitimate source, Jeff Ermann of Ermann, who broke the news of Maryland and Rutgers moving to the B1G, tweeted Tuesday, “Big 10 talk buzzing again. UVA being mentioned often as likely to join. Georgia Tech still in the mix. UNC, the big domino, has an offer.”

What does it mean for UConn?

Well, if one of the above teams flees the ACC, it seems as though UConn should be next-in-line. The other candidates are Cincinnati and South Florida (and maybe Memphis?)

You could see Louisville being selected ahead of UConn — it must have been a football decision — but the Huskies seem to be the clear choice if another spot opens in the ACC.

Then again, with conference realignment, you never know.