Notes/Quotes from Feb. 20: “I wasn’t Ryan Boatright that game.”

It’s been four days since UConn dropped the ball against Villanova, receiving a beating on the glass and, in the end, a nine-point defeat on the scoreboard.

Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright (AP)

It’s time to turn the page to Cincinnati, who the Huskies face twice in the final three weeks of the regular season. Some comments from Kevin Ollie, Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright at Wednesday’s practice:

*Boatright on his 1-point, 5-turnover performance Saturday: “I wasn’t Ryan Boatright that game. I had a bad game. It happens to everybody — it’s basketball. You try to bounce back and move on.”

“I knew what I did. I’m the biggest critic of myself and I knew what I was doing. I knew exactly what plays (Ollie) was going to point out. I went back and watched the film before (Ollie) even called me in to watch the film. I’m not going to play like that again.”

*Ollie on Boatright: “You have to get out your own way sometimes and have to communicate to yourself the proper way…you have to tell yourself in those adverse situations that ‘I’m still a good player and things are going to change in my favor.’ He’s learning to do that.”

*Napier on Villanova’s 20 offensive rebounds: “It was too much pressure put on all the big guys just to rebound. I think when you put too much on certain people, it weighs you down and they don’t play the way they can play because they’re so worried about rebounds. We want Tyler (Olander)  to score and play good defense and we want him to rebound, but we kind of stressed it too much and I think it weighed him down a little bit and weighed DeAndre down a little bit.”

*Ollie on Cincinnati: “They have great guards. We have to come in and make sure we contain the dribble, play hard, play with the effort and attitude that allows us to come out on top.”