Dissecting the plays that doomed UConn…

Here’s what went wrong for UConn in the final minutes of Wednesday’s 79-78 double overtime thriller against Georgetown.


0:05—After DeAndre Daniels blocks Otto Porter’s turnaround, Ryan Boatright catches the ball with 5.5 seconds remaining. At 2.7, he’s at halfcourt with wide-open Daniels sprinting down the middle of the floor. With 2.2, Daniels is at the 3-point arc. He gets to the block at the 1.3 mark, which means he probably could have had a layup. Boatright opts to keep the ball, and misses a running 3-pointer.

Ryan Boatright in the first overtime


1:51 — Playing man-to-man defense, DeAndre Daniels gives Otto Porter some space. Porter, standing about 23 feet from the basket, buries a 3-pointer to cut the lead to 78-74.

Otto Porter's 3-pointer

1:17— On an isolation, Shabazz Napier jab-steps 6-foot-6 forward Aaron Bowen and launches a contested 3-pointer with eight seconds on the shot clock. The ball hits the backboard. UConn retains possession, and Omar Calhoun’s layup is blocked by Jabril Trawick. Shot clock violation.

Shabazz Napier clearout

0:51 — Napier sinks into the lane while guarding D’Vauntes Smith Rivera, a 33 percent 3-point shooter. Porter receives a screen to pop up to the 3-point line. Daniels fights through, and Napier provides help, leaving Smith-Rivera open on the right wing. The freshman buries a clutch 3-pointer. 78-77, UConn.

D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera open on the wing

0:21 — With the shot clocking winding down, UConn again clears out for Napier. He takes Smith-Rivera right, but is stripped with 16 seconds remaining. Smith-Rivera quickly gets the ball to Porter at halfcourt. He catches it on the run, and Daniels is never able to recover into good defensive position. Omar Calhoun, who could have slid into the lane for help, remains outside the paint as Porter glides in for the game-winning layup.

Otto Porter's game-winning layup

0:4.4 — Unlike the first overtime, Boatright didn’t have many open teammates. His only opportunity to pass was with 4.4 seconds left. He could have reversed the ball to  Calhoun, who was open at the top of the key. From there, Calhoun had enough time to either shoot or draw a defender and find Niels Giffey under the basket. Instead, Boatright changes direction. Now, he’s committed to a shot attempt.

Ryan Boatright in the final seconds