Report: Tulsa to join UConn’s league in 2014

No longer the Big East, the league that UConn calls home will add Tulsa as a full member in 2014, according to an ESPN report.

The old Big East will also make East Carolina a member in all sports. When Tulsa arrives in 2014, nine of the 11 schools will have been former Conference USA members. Navy, the 12th school, is set to join in 2015.

Still in the process of choosing a name, the league is considering titles such as the “America” and the “Metro,” according to’s Jerry Fowler.

On Tuesday, the soon-to-be-renamed league entered a long-term deal with CBS for basketball coverage. The contract extends through the 2019-20 season and includes up to 12 appearances per year, half of which will be conference games. The league previously agreed to a TV deal with ESPN that goes through 2019-20. It was reported to pay about $20 million per year. Financial terms of the CBS contract were not disclosed.