What do you think of the new UConn logo?

A new logo has officially been unveiled at UConn, according to a report on the University’s website.

Here’s your new Husky dog:

New UConn logo (UConn Today)

Athletic director Warde Manuel on the new logo (per UConn Today): “Our student-athletes and coaches believe that the new Husky dog logo boldly reflects values such as pride, loyalty, strength, determination, and athleticism. They are all very excited to wear it into competition and to see it displayed prominently in our facilities. The new logo is a significant piece of the new visual identity of UConn athletics.”

Kevin Ollie: “I absolutely love this new Husky Dog logo. It looks fantastic on our uniforms and I know that our fans will love it as much as we do. Our new identity is a look that I know I will be proud to wear.”

Geno Auriemma: “This logo is everything that a Husky is supposed to be – powerful, aggressive, determined,” he says. “It is looking right through you and saying ‘Do not mess with me.’ This is a streamlined, fighting dog, and I cannot wait for it to be on our uniforms and court.”

As for me?

I don’t hate it.  I’m sure over time I’ll come to really like it. I don’t deal well with change, though, and I never thought there was anything wrong with the old Husky. Give us your thoughts below.

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9 Responses

  1. really? says:

    So this will be Warde Manuel’s legacy. Now I get why Uconn athletics is in the quagmire that it is, Warde was busy overseeing the development of the new logo! Brilliant.

    I am sure that the other members of the AAC will be terrifically impressed with Uconn’s logo.

  2. Rick Casagrande says:

    Call me conservative, but I liked the older one. Would have rather seen the newer one as blue and white with less red. But I do get a tingly feeling knowing that our opposition will now be intimidated by our new logo! I know I would!!

  3. Sam says:

    What happened to Jonathon being all white? That set us apart rom al of the other Huskies. Looks like U of Washington to me.

  4. Joe Melfi says:

    I don’t like it at all. Jonathan is an Alaskan Husky (all white)and always has been. This new design is a Siberian husky and looks nothing like the actual dog seen at football games and other gatherings. Is the University now going to get rid of the current dog? This new design looks an awful like the University of Washington Husky mascot.

    There was no need to do a massive overhaul of the Husky.

  5. Ben says:

    Did they get that picture from a Middle School Art Fair???

  6. Graziella Rich says:

    The eyes are rabid, the mouth is wrong. The artist was at best a child.

  7. Keeping it real says:

    I love it, this one really represent, what UConn is all about, Straight looking forward. Go UConn, nice job.

  8. Peter says:

    Who cares if it was realistic? It was unique and represented UConn as the “good guys.” Now it’s just a generic angry dog.

  9. Mike McManus says:

    How can you not like it? It’s a realistic image of what a real Siberian Husky dog looks like. The previous image was cute but not very realistic.