Report: Facey, Samuel have eligibility issues

Incoming freshman Amida Brimah appears ready for next season. His classmates — Kentan Facey and Terrence Samuel — may not be.

Speaking at his charity golf tournament in Glastonbury, UConn coach Kevin Ollie told The Hartford Courant there were “eligibility issues” with top recruit Kentan Facey, who moved from Jamaica to Long Island three years ago.

“We’ve got to discuss that with NCAA,” Ollie told The Courant. “I don’t see it being a problem, once he is able to tell his side and why he decided to come over when he did and what was the formality of him being placed in a certain grade. I think we got a great case on our side and I think we’ll see him with a UConn jersey on in the fall, also. But if we don’t, we’ve got to move on like we always do.”

According to The Bylaw Blog, which specializes in NCAA compliance, Facey could lose two seasons of eligibility, including the 2013-14 year, if he graduated high school in Jamaica before coming to the U.S.

The blog indicated that UConn could “meet the NCAA halfway” on a penalty. One possibility: Facey could be cleared for the 2013-14 season, but would have only three years of eligibility in his collegiate career.

A wiry 6-foot-9 shotblocker, Facey is already on campus.  His AAU teammate, incoming point guard Terrence Samuel, still hasn’t arrived. Samuel’s issue is “academic,” Ollie told The Courant.

“He had to take a couple of summer courses over, I think he’s completed those and we’re going to send those into to the NCAA eligibility center next week and hopefully we get a good outcome,” Ollie said.

Samuel recently told Hearst Connecticut that he would be on campus for the start of the fall semester.