Quotes after UConn’s loss to Stanford

Postgame remarks after UConn’s first loss of the season, a 53-51 setback to Stanford Wednesday night at the XL Center:

UConn coach Kevin Ollie

On Shabazz Napier taking two 3-pointers in the final 41 seconds with UConn only down 52-51:

“I wanted him to go to the basket. With Shabazz, you live with that because he’s put this team on his back a lot of times. He could have taken it to the basket a couple of times, but he settled for the long 3 ball. That wasn’t going in tonight, so you have to make adjustments as a player. You have to make adjustments as a coach, and we just didn’t make those game-winning adjustments.”

On Stanford’s zone defense:

“It wasn’t hard at all (to figure it out). We missed shots. We had open shots, and then we took some ill-advised 3s.

“It was a simple zone. They did a good job with their length closing up gaps, closing up areas. We never got it in the ‘four hole (DeAndre Daniels’ spot mainly),’ what we call the middle by the free-throw line, and expose that. It was all settle for jump shots. When that happens you start missing them, start pressing a little bit.”

UConn’s Shabazz Napier

On the loss:

“In the second half we just had a terrible shooting display. We didn’t get it done in the second half and it kind of came down to the wire. I wasn’t able to knock down a shot. None of us were actually able to knock down a shot.”

On passing up the final shot and letting Omar Calhoun take it:

“Someone was on me. I always have confidence in myself no matter if I go 0 for 20, I feel like I can make the next shot. Guys were crowding me on my right side, it was actually three on two on the whole entire right side, and Omar was actually the guy with the easiest (look). It was a very far shot, but I definitely believe in each and every guy that can take that shot. I thought it was going to go in – we all did. Like I said, we believe in each other. We just fell short.”

UConn’s DeAndre Daniels

On not getting the ball in the paint enough:

“Our ball movement was kind of, so we were holding the ball a lot more. Next time we play against the zone we need to work on swinging the ball and attacking the gaps.”

Stanford coach Johnny Dawkins

On Napier:

“He’s a great player, of course, a great college player, and so we paid a lot of attention to him in the scouting report and what we wanted to do to take things away from him individually.”

On UConn’s reliance on the 3-point shot and its struggles in the second half (0-for-12):

“I definitely give some credit to our defense. I thought we were very active. Did they miss some open looks? Absolutely. But it happens in our game, especially when you are applying pressure, guys are active and making plays. I thought it may have sped them up a little bit in the zone and we were able to continue to just lock in defensively for entire possessions.”

William Paxton