Graves’ disease can’t stop Washington’s Kemp

You may have to do a double-take when watching the UConn men’s game Sunday (3:30, ESPNU) if you notice that Shawn Kemp Jr. is on the floor for host Washington. Kemp has the same build as his father — he’s 6-foot-9, 250 pounds, similar to Shawn Kemp, the former Seattle SuperSonic star — although the two don’t look exactly alike. A junior, Kemp is the fifth son of a former Sonic to play for the University of Washington. He has been diagnosed with Graves’ disease, which affects the thyroid, but the reserve has still been able to play. The school released the news of the afflication late last month in a press release: “Medical staff treating Kemp Jr. do not expect the disease to continue to affect his on-court performance once his treatment plan, which he started following his diagnosis, is in full effect.”

David Wells