Napier raises questions about knee

The final numbers – 17 points and 10 assists – indicate a typical night for UConn senior guard Shabazz Napier in Thursday’s 83-73 victory over No. 17 Memphis at the FedEx Forum. However, Napier was just 1-for-6 shooting in the first half and 5-for-13 on the night.

“I think honestly it has a lot to do with my knee,” said Napier, who has been bothered by tendonitis in his left knee. “The last three games my shot has not been there and my knees are starting to swell up and I feel like I am compensating for it a lot. It’s been getting a lot better, but it’s just weird.

“I’ve been in the gym a lot, I work on my craft so much I’m afraid not to go out there and (work). It’s hard, but at the same time like I always said I’m not all about myself. If my shots not falling, I’m going to look for guys. Today, I think that’s what got me going. I looked for guys and I realized my shots weren’t falling, so I had to get to the basket. It just happens sometimes like that, but I’m happy for the win.”

William Paxton