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Quick read on UConn press conference


UConn met the media for the final time before Monday night’s national championship game with Kentucky. Here’s a sampling of some of the head coach/five starters portion of the media session:

DeAndre Daniels on why UConn can win it all:

“I’m just going to say heart.”

Shabazz Napier on why UConn can win it all:

“I just have all the confidence in my guys and believe in everything we do.”

UConn coach Kevin Ollie on his players:

“There are no limits on our players.”


UConn guard Ryan Boatright on playing against Kentucky and its heralded freshmen class:

“They are All-Americans and supposed to be future pros … (but) they have to lace their shoes up just like we do.”

Ollie on message he received from his former NBA coach Larry Brown:

“(Larry said)’ Have fun, don’t make it complicated.’”

Daniels on what the Huskies did after beating Florida last night (he received 168 text messages):

“We went back to hotel, showered and ate some chicken tacos.”

Boatright on stopping Kentucky’s backcourt:

“I’m not going to reveal all my secrets. … I’m going to do my best to make ’em uncomfortable.”

Ollie on Terrence Samuel:

“Terrence has been huge. He’s allowed me to put three point guards on the floor.”

Ollie on his team:

“It’s not a fluke that we’re here. It’s core values and principles. It’s not a fluke that we’re here.”

“They don’t want to go home. … “We’re gonna play 40 full and hopefully our logo will be on that billboard or that jumbotron or whatever Jerry calls it”

 Ollie on his players’ touring  AT&T Stadium back in January:

“They enjoyed going into the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders’ locker room more than anything.”

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