Napier downplays Heat talk, humbled to be part of NBA Draft

A few quick quotes from Shabazz Napier at Wednesday’s pre-NBA Draft media session at the Westin Hotel in New York City. Napier said he worked out for about 10 teams, including his home state Boston Celtics, but not the New York Knicks or New York Nets.

On being in NYC for the draft:

“I’m definitely humble. I don’t want to stand out. This is just a gift from god. I definitely want to enjoy myself here and my family and don’t try to create a big presence that I am here. I want this day to be for me and my family.”

On dreaming of being part of NBA draft experience:

“It wasn’t like that. It was just one day at a time. I worked my tail off to accomplish this since I was a freshman. I always believed in myself to be able to be in this position, so to be here now is just a special feeling with my family.”

“When we play basketball we all have aspirations to play in the NBA. And especially being in the green room being in the green room and shaking the commissioner’s hand it’s something that I always looked forward to, but it took a lot of hard work. You have to dream big but you have to work harder.”

On where he might go in the draft:

“I’m not really worried about that. The only thing I can worry about is playing basketball. I don’t get into media, I don’t get into it. I actually just got on Twitter this morning. I don’t do a lot of internet stuff to look at where I am at.”

On reports the Miami Heat are looking to trade up to draft him:

“Oh I don’t know, I just kind of heard about it today. It’s definitely cool to hear the talk, it’s definitely  blessing, but I’m just out here to enjoy myself. Thursday when it comes we’ll find out.”

William Paxton