Heat’s Riley picks a winner in Napier


A look at Pat Riley’s 1 a.m. press conference to discuss drafting UConn guard Shabazz Napier with the 24th overall pick. The Miami Heat traded up two spots – giving up the 26th pick, two second-round picks (one next year) and cash to take Napier.

Here’s the link to Riley’s press conference transcript on the Miami Herald’s website

And here are a few highlights from it:

“He’s a two time champion, high motor guy, very quick, can shoot the ball. Has a lot of qualities that fit what Erik [Spoelstra] wants to do, what we want to do. He’s been a guy that’s been on the map the last three years. There’s a part of his game, how we play, as a pick and roll team, as a team looking for space [floor space, not cap space, in this case]. He can go endline to endline with anybody.”

“He’s a winner. He’s talented and he’s skilled and you just have to watch him play the game and there’s a competitive level we all like.”

“I like veteran, mature players. I’m not saying all young players don’t make it, but we all want to win now. The more maturity you can get and experience you get, the better off you are.”

On LeBron James’ comments praising Napier:

“Why not? I don’t tweet. If LeBron and I have the same taste in talent, so be it. He didn’t call me on the phone. He never has since I’ve been here the last four years.”

William Paxton