McCombs wearing soft cast on sprained left wrist

Sophomore running back Lyle McCombs was wearing a soft cast on his left wrist Tuesday when he met with the media. McCombs said that he slightly sprained the wrist in the 19-3 loss to Rutgers Saturday and that the cast was just a precautionary measure.
“I’ll be fine,” he said.
McCombs also apologized – again – for the possible distraction he caused after his arrest late Thursday night after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.
As far as the on the field problems, McCombs, who’s averaging a disappointing 80.2 yards a game (he averaged 95.9 yards last season as he rushed for 1,151 yards) knows that the Huskies have to do.
“Absolutely, we’ve got to play better,” he said. “For each other. For the coaches, for us to do something with our season. Our goal is to win the Big East, so we have more of a sense of urgency now than ever.
“We know we can play better. It wasn’t a fun bus ride. “We know we have go to work. We know the level we have to take practice to in order to win, especially in the Big East. Hopefully we’ll keep that same intensity all week.”