Post game UConn player quotes

Here are some comments from the UConn players after the Huskies 17-14 overtime loss to Temple Saturday at Rentschler Field.

“Credit them, they made adjustments and we didn’t,” running back Max DeLorenzo said. “Sometimes we messed up on a protection and (quarterback) Chandler (Whitmer) got hit. Things like that, they stall an offense. It was tough but we’re not playing the blame game. We can’t hang our heads. It’s tough, we’re very upset. We were up the whole game. this was just a heartbreaker.

“It’s very disappointing, you put it all out there and you expect to come out with a W,” said defensive end Ryan Wirth . “So we’re going to have to back to the drawing board again and figure out what happened and patch it up. We have to try to keep positive, I have to try and keep my squad together. Band together, keep working and get better next week.

“We had a lot of things go well, we moved the ball pretty good all day but the name of the game is to score points and we left a lot of points on the field,” receiver Michael Smith said. “We had a few missed field goals, but that’s not just on Chad, that’s on us not executing in the red zone and putting the ball in the end zone. We’ve just got to come back as much as we can.
“We had so much energy in the beginning and we just lost it. That’s what killed us.
“We miss opportunities every game and that’s what continues to beat this offense, we miss opportunities over and over again. That’s something we’re still trying to figure out and try to nip that in the bud because once without those mistakes we’re a really, really good offense. We move the ball really well. We’ve got to eliminate that.”

“That’s the worst way to lose a game,” said tight end Ryan Griffin. The defense did their part and the offense, once again, seems like a recurring theme, we just stall. We started off pretty good, got vertical with Chandler putting the ball on us, and then we kind of lost steam there coming down the stretch. The last three drives I would say how did we walk off the field without scoring any points? It hit me before the field goal went through. As an offense, you put it on our shoulders to close the game out. We have to keep this taste in our mouth going up to Syracuse. It’s going to be interesting to see how we respond as a team.

“Never did I think that we would lose the game,” said quarterback Chandler Whitmer. We needed to come out with that same intensity that we did in the first half and just be able to finish and we didn’t do that. I feel like what we do is create our own energy and then if something doesn’t go exactly as planned we just lose it and we deflate. We’ve got to be able to create energy like we do with big plays and continue that energy even when things aren’t going well.”