Key points from Aresco’s conference call

On the day the AAC unveiled its new logo, commissioner Mike Aresco spent a half-hour on a media teleconference, addressing a wide range of issues related to his league.

Some key points:

AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco (AP)

AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco (AP)

*It appears the AAC will decide on postseason basketball sites within a week or two — or sooner. Aresco said the choices have been narrowed down with “a handful” in the mix. He added that the league is likely to sign one-year deals with the respective postseason venues and then “re-examine things as the year goes by.”

“We might even wait to see how the tournaments pan out next year before we make a decision on the longer-term plan,” Aresco said.

Mohegan Sun has been reported to be a favorite for the women’s tournament. Aresco said there is no concern about playing in a casino.

“As you know, several conferences have had their tournaments either in Las Vegas or even on a casino property,” he said.

*The AAC has no current plans to expand. Aresco said he’d only consider expansion with “schools that would really make significant impact on our conference.” He added that there are only “a few” out there capable of doing so.

“As a commissioner once said, you’re always alert,” Aresco said. “But at this point we don’t have any plans.”

When Navy joins in 2015, the AAC will have 12 football members.

*The commissioner re-affirmed that the league will retain its automatic NCAA tournament bid in basketball. In addition, the conference has a BCS automatic qualifier for the upcoming season. Obviously, with the change in bowl format, there will no longer be a BCS automatic qualifier after this year.

*Aresco believes the league will hold more than five bowl-tie ins (it’s current number). The AAC would also “like the flexibility of running its own bowl.”

“We think we could find a good opponent,” Aresco said.

*The implementation of a logo is “another important step in the re-branding of our conference,” Aresco said. He called the logo “bold, simple and elegant design that is aspirational in nature with the star.”

*Keeping records in this new league could get a little tricky.

“One of the things we’re going to sort out is how we’re going to keep records and deal with that because obviously it’s a little bit complicated with having had schools in the Big East that aren’t there,” Aresco said. “We’ll figure that out.”