American Athletic Conference unveils new logo

AmericanThe Big East as we once knew it all but kaput now that the last spring champions have been crowned.

It’s all about the new era. The American Athletic Conference, which will be known as ‘The American,’ is just about born.

The Big East website, while still there, nudges you toward ‘The American’ website . A visit there trumps up a July 1 launch date and comforting words: Strong. Stable. United. Competitive. And about to write a new chapter in the history of college athletics.”

The Big East’s twitter feed switched its handle to @American_Conf and a new logo was be unveiled today.

At the stroke of midnight, we got the first glimpse.

USA Today and its staff broke out The American’s logo online via Twitter, complete with a comprehensive story by Dan Wolken, complete with quotes from American commissioner Mike Aresco.

According to the paper, the logo was designed by MadCreek Advertising in Montclair, N.J., which won the approval by league officials over another firm.

“It’s another step in reinventing the conference, and it’s a big one,” Aresco told the newspaper.

The conference will be showing off its fleet of logos today.

For now, We only have a snippet that USA Today allowed to be seen on its site. But what do you think?

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Sean Patrick Bowley