Your thoughts on Edsall Week?

Randy Edsall (AP)

Randy Edsall (AP)

Everyone from Randy Edsall to Paul Pasqualoni to the UConn players expects a mixed reception when the Huskies’ former coach visits The Rent Saturday.

“I’ve been in this business long enough that there’ll be people that boo and probably people that’ll cheer,” Edsall said Tuesday.  “That’s the nature of the profession that we’re in.”

Honestly, I’m very curious to hear the boo/cheer ratio. If Edsall had visited The Rent last season, I believe there would have been an overwhelmingly negative reception. This year, I’m not so sure.

Over the weekend, I caught up with former Huskies Rob Lunn and Glen Mourning, who openly discussed their thoughts on the current state of UConn football. It’s my opinion that the current state of the program will actually change the perception of Edsall. I imagine fans will have more appreciation for him than they did a year ago.

Here’s what a few fans had to say last week:

*”I appreciate what he did for UConn football, bringing the program to a respectable level and doing so rather quickly. I loved the fact that we had solid line play on both sides of the ball, a solid defense and we could run as well. That style of play made us competitive, gave us a chance to win and the team was fun to watch. Everything he established, PP destroyed. The current team is very hard to watch. Having said that, the way Edsall left the program is hard to overlook. He preached family and trust and honor, he left his kids like a an undignified weasel. Randy could have followed in the footsteps of Jim and Geno and become a legend in Connecticut, now it appears he’ll be moving his young family again when his tenor at Maryland has run it’s course. He may never get a second chance at such job security. ” — Will Epperson, Southington

*”Let’s whoop them. Think about how he’ll have to deal with losing to a team that lost to local, in-state Towson. That would be sweet. Liked Randy when he was here but the way he left was completely (expletive)  inexcusable. You earn respect. He had a bunch and threw it all away.” — Ed Agvent, Stratford

 *”I loved Edsall when he was here. He built this program from nothing. But he walked out on this program when we needed him the most. You can always look back whistfully at your times with an ex-girlfriend, but the moment she dumps you, she’s just that: an ex. She doesn’t love you anymore, so there’s no point in writing love poems lamenting your loss.  Time to move on.” — Josh Levinson, New Haven

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