Weist takes blame for last minute mix-up

BLAME ME – Down three points and driving for the tying field goal, Tim Boyle completed a 16-yard pass to Dhameer Bradley to give the Huskies a first down at the South Florida 49 yard line with 18 seconds to play.
Looking to the sidelines for the next play, Boyle waited … and waited … and waited. Finally, with seven seconds left on the clock, Boyle called timeout.
Interim head coach T.J. Weist admitted after the game that he “hesitated” in calling the play and then didn’t get it into Boyle on time. The coach put the blame for the miscue squarely on his shoulders.
“I’m disappointed in my execution on that last drive of the game,” Weist said. “ We were in position to move the ball down the field, we needed a field goal and I hesitated in making a call and we didn’t get it in on time and that’s on me.
“We had to call timeout and we didn’t have enough time. I’m man enough to say what I did right and what I did wrong. That’s on me. We’ll get that corrected. There’s no hiding from any of that. We have to come back as a football team. There’s no re-inventing anything here, we just have to play better.”

GROWING UP FAST – Tim Boyle’s initial start numbers: 15 completions, 43 attempts, 149 yards. And a stadium full of potential.
“Tim played great,” guard Steve Greene said. “We had some dropped balls and had some mix-ups in protections and stuff that we have to make sure we get right so he can get comfortable and confident back there.”
Added Geremy Davis: “Tim did a great job, he was making eye contact and telling people what to do. He did a good job listening to the coaches, pumping us up. We just have to make more plays for him.”
Said Boyle: “I didn’t want think about that (starting) too much. I just wanted to put my teammates in the best position to make a play. If I had thought about that, it might have gotten into my head a little bit. I just wanted to go out there and play.
“I think I did a good job once I got my feet wet a couple of plays. I was pretty poised, a little calm, taking deep breaths here and there and making sure I was OK. There were points where the ball took off on me, that will get fixed. That’s a rookie mistake.”