AP Report: Football player among alleged attackers in sexual assault lawsuit

A football player was accused of rape in the federal sex discrimination lawsuit filed by four women against the University of Connecticut, according to the Associated Press.

The athlete’s identity was not disclosed in the report.

In the lawsuit, four women allege UConn failed to protect them and responded to their sexual assault complaints “with deliberate indifference or worse.”

Last week, UConn President Susan Herbst responded to the complaint by telling the Board of Trustees, “The suggestion that the University of Connecticut, as an institution, would somehow be indifferent to or dismissive of any report of sexual assault is astonishingly misguided and demonstrably untrue.”

Rose Richi, a UConn junior who alleged she was raped by a football player, told the Associated Press that “President Herbst’s response made me feel invalidated all over again.”

“Our only motive is to get change, something she made clear was unnecessary,” Richi told the AP. “It was the most disappointing, invalidating and unreasonable response I’ve heard yet.”

According to the lawsuit, an officer said to Richi he did not believe her, and no criminal charges were brought.