Post game quotes … Louisville

UConn Interim Head Coach T.J. Weist

On Season-High Five Turnovers …
“You can’t have it, especially against this team. The only chance we have is to not beat ourselves. We turned the ball over, gave them early points on the punt and gave them momentum on offense and defense, we didn’t have a chance. It’s a simple as that. Our offense has not been productive, it has not been efficient and you give them any kind of momentum, you just can’t recover.”

On Defensive Play …
“No question, our defense played well tonight. When you don’t drive the football and keep putting the defense out there, sooner or later their going to break. No defense can handle that. I thought we were consistent and kept stopping that offense. They did their best and I’m proud of them.”

On Louisville Adjustments Stopping UConn Running Game …
“They just brought pressure. We tried to mix it up, inside and outside and they just made the adjustment. We tried to run and they just brought inside pressure on us. They called a better game than us.”

Addressing the Locker Room Post Game …
“First thing I told them was I was proud of them. And we are as a staff because they gave the effort, they never quit throughout tonight and that’s what we look for. It’s the same things, nothing changes in football. You have to make football, keep momentum when you have it. We have to play again next week and we have to just keep pushing.”

Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong
Opening Remarks …

“It wasn’t very clean but we came away with a win though. There were just too many penalties, we didn’t play smart, dropped too many balls offensively. Defensively we started off very slow, they continued a drive due to a penalty but we got a turnover to make up for it. I was very pleased with our defense, I know they got that score late but we were able to get a lot of guys in the game who usually don’t play. We just have to play better, we have to play smart, we have to play disciplined. When we do that, we will be able to put a complete game together, which we didn’t do today.”

On cold weather being reason for dropped passes …
“No, because if you think about it, it’s cold on both sides of the ball. It’s about discipline, they need to keep their eyes on the ball. A lot of times they would start running with the ball before they caught it. I think of the one DeVante dropped, he was running before he saw himself catch it. They need to worry about the catch first, then run after you catch it.”

Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater
What were you trying to do on offense?

Coming into this game, we knew we had to make a bunch of big plays on our side. We had a couple drops, but at the end of the day, we got the win. We’ll have a chance to correct mistakes.

On impact of defense and special teams …
“Well, you can look at the scoreboard, that tells it all. Two scores for them, one on each side. They came up big on defense and the turnovers they got for us were amazing, those guys did a great job. The defense really helped the offense tonight.”

On cold and wind being a factor.
“It wasn’t a factor at all. We just didn’t play the way we expect ourselves to play.”

On Heisman hopes and his chance to be in spotlight tonight.
“That wasn’t my intention at all. The primary goal is to get a `W’. We’re just happy to get the job done tonight.”