UConn assistant coach Ernest Jones resigns

This from the UConn Athletic Communications Department:

“Connecticut assistant football coach Ernest T. Jones has resigned his position effective immediately. The University or the Division of Athletics will have no further comment on the matter as it is personnel related.”

Jones was the running backs coach and also the “player engagement coach” who drew criticism after he was quoted in a Hartford Courant story back in early January, saying “We’re going to make sure (the players) understand that Jesus Christ should be in the center of our huddle. That’s something that is important.”

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12 Responses

  1. Angela says:

    So Jesus Christ is the new derogatory and obscene words? What are we saying?

  2. knows fciac says:

    some of you don’ get it. uconn is a public school- not a private school. remember separation of church and state. what he said is fine in the proper setting. religious beliefs should not be part of coaching in a public school. i believe in freedom of speech, etc. shelton resident and i was a very successful hs coach and am a registered republican. and you’re calling me and another individual losers?? by the way, the word resident ends with a t not an n. have a nice day and may we all agree to disagree. maybe we’ll go to mass together.

  3. Shelton Residen says:

    That’s why this country is going to hell so fast. I thought he had said something derogatory against Jesus, but no, just the opposite. What happened to right of speech and religion? And he WILL get a better job, UCONN just lost 3 potential students down the road. And btw… “knows fciac” and “Mayor McCheese” are beyond BIG LOSERS!! Must be typical liberal idiots with their heads up where the sun does not shine.//

  4. SWC INSIDER says:

    Fed up just look at the comments country is all screwed up
    this coach will get a better job

  5. MJ says:

    Well, well a comment that Jesus should be the center of their lives requires resignation ? Of course, if it was anything that goes against the Christian belief system or said the name JC in a derogatory or vain way, it would be cheered. It is absolutely disgusting what our society has become. They have to answer at THE GATE.

  6. FEDUP says:

    That’s BULL(SPIT) ……no one should resign because of their religious beliefs!!
    What ever happened to the 1st amendment????

  7. Van Fangol says:

    Thats why he resigned ???? Because he mentioned Jesus Christ ? Implying that Jesus was with them, supporting them ? Is there more to this story ? If he mentioned the Profet Mohamed, would he have quit ?

  8. Kevin says:

    Tebow anyone?

  9. CT Resident says:

    whats the problem? Not sure it warrants a resignation. Thats the problem with this country…Had he used derogatory expletive as a training technique, I guess that makes it OK…give me a break!

  10. Mayor McCheese says:

    I’m sorry he resigned. It only means UCONN lost its chance to fire him first.

  11. JOE says:


  12. knows fciac says:

    what took uconn so long to get rid of him? no wonder why their program is doing poorly. i hope the new coach has some success.