Diaco: still no clear leader in QB race

With 18 days until the Huskies 2014 season opener against BYU at the Rent, the three-headed quarterback competition continues to be just that … a three-headed race. According to head coach Bob Diaco, none of the three combatants — Chandler Whitmer, Casey Cochran and Tom Boyle — have taken charge, or taken control of the situation.

“All the few rep differences, they’re all basically about the same in terms of participation and length. No one player, at this point, has clearly separated himself,” Diaco said after Monday’s practice at the Burton Family Football Complex. “Each one has had their particular moments of things that are very, very positive and things that are negative.”

Diaco did say that if the decision had to be made today, that it, “would be a very hard one to make.”

However, Diaco also said that he was pleased with all three quarterbacks.

“The quarterback position will be a position that won’t prevent us from winning,” he said. “We can operate our offense with any of the three.”

With the decision coming in just about a week — Diaco promised to name a starter two weeks before the first game — he said that “this week is incredibly critical and we need to continue to add to the overall evaluation so we can find some kind of separation to make this decision.”

And, if not?

“If there’s not something incredibly tangible that tilts it one way or the other,” he said. “We’ll make the evaluation on intangible traits.”