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Remembering Michael Jackson and Mike Valentine

Well, as mentioned in the previous entry, we faced Yu Darvish tonight, the top pitcher in the country and he was true to form. He had a no hitter through 7. He gave up 2 hits in the 8 and was relieved in the 9 and we lost 5-0. That was no fun!!!!!

During our pregame workout today, the death of Michael Jackson was the hot topic of conversation. Bobby, Paul and I reminisced about the good ole days when Michael Jackson released his record breaking Thriller album and all the excitement and energy it created at Bobby’s restaurant. The song was hot but the video was hotter! At the time, Bobby’s cousin, Mike Valentine, was managing the restaurant and he was a great promoter. Mike made a copy of the Thriller video and we scheduled showings throughout the evenings and posted the times on a small chalk board we had hanging below the 1 TV at the bar. (there are now over 50 TV’s in the restaurant). The response was absolutely amazing. We had lines out the door every night with people just waiting to get in to see the Thriller video. Is that nuts or what? Everyone loved that video and we had a great time……………Thanks to Mike V and Michael Jackson.

Mike Valentine has since passed but will always be remembered by so many of us who had the good fortune to share life with him. Mike, like Bobby, was always full of energy and enthusiasm and ALWAYS wore a smile. He played a huge role in making Bobby V’s the hot spot in Stamford for so many years. It was always a pleasure to be in Mike’s company.