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Monthly Archive for July, 2009

: July, 2009

A restaurant with monkey waiters?

About one month ago while watching CNN International, which is often our only source of English TV in Japan when we are on the road, we saw a segment on a small restaurant in Japan that has monkeys

Meeting Tim Brown and Lou Holtz

We are in the middle of the All-Star break and have five days off. We will practice on two of those days and have the rest off so we have a lot of free time. Bobby, as always, has a full schedule of

A unique way to break up a no-hitter

Here’s one for the fans that you don’t often hear about. In the third game of our recent series against the Fighters we were up against the mighty Yu Darvish, Japans’ top pitcher. He was up to form

Pictures: Bobby and Frank go skiing in Hokkaido

We are currently in Hokkaido, the northern most region of the country that is very close to Russia, for a 3 game series against the now first place Fighters. Hokkaido is absolutely beautiful. The

Finally, a victory!

After losing 7 games in a row, we finally won tonight 7-4 over the first place Hawks and Ct’s own, Gary Burnham was the hero. After a 12 day, 9 game road trip to Sendai, Hokkaido and Osaka, we

A visit from Richard Gere

Yesterday we had a game in Sendai. Sendai is a lot 150 miles north of Tokyo and really reminds me of New England. There are many trees and rolling hills. We had a very special guest before the game.

Longest game in Pacific League history

Today is Thursday, July 2, 2009, and we are in Tachikawa, the city we got lost trying to drive to as mentioned in a previous entry, to play the Lions. Since our last entry we have played four games,