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Reaching a milestone: 1,600 wins as a manager

Hello everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long since our last entry. We’ve been battling through the end of a long, very difficult season. Actually things have been a little better of late as we have won seven of the last 10 and tonight was a special one.

I am honored to have been in uniform coaching for Bobby tonight as he reached another milestone in his career. Tonight was his 1,600 win as a manager surpassing his long time friend and mentor, Tommy Lasorda, who has 1599.

What a great achievement!

Bobby now has 1,117 wins in the states and 483 in Japan. Most of you know the great history, the magic and a World Series in New York in 2000, the great run and a Japan Championship in 2005. It’s been an incredible career for Bobby, a great friend to so many of us, a great dad, husband, son, mentor, boss… and the list goes on.