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Monthly Archive for September, 2009

: September, 2009

“Paul McCartney is Dead”

40 years ago this week a student newspaper started one of the most notorious rumors of the 1960s.  Check it out here. [BP]
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Feeling a Little too Clever

Feeling Clever. One of the perils of being a professor is that it can encourage you to think you are clever. I’m sure there are other professions where this is true, but it is definitely the case
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Arguing over the Uses and Abuses of History

     Last Saturday’s march in Washington, D.C. has sparked controversy among pundits, politicians, and yes, even historians.  Two issues seem to dominate the discussions.  The first, on whether racism
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Those town hall meetings

One professor takes a mild view of the recent health care town hall events, citing historical perspective.  What do you think of his argument?  Click here.  [BP]
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150 years ago

What happened 150 years ago this week? This US senator was killed in a duel. See this story–click here. [BP]
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Let Them Eat Cake! and Other American Stories

“Less Government! Am I Alone?” reads a yard sign in Bethel. Every time I pass it, I’m tempted to stop and invite the sign’s author to tell me more. I had the same reaction to the folks in August’s
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Loving Students in the Fall

In my last post – which I forgot to sign – I started my positive professor campaign. I don’t want anyone to be confused, I can complain with the best of them, but the truth is that ground is well
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The Tightening Double Bind: Women in the News

ABC News announced the appointment of Diana Sawyer this week as the replacement for announcer Charlie Gibson on its nightly news. Critics quickly complained that Sawyer lacked journalistic chops, and
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U.K.’s Guardian starts series on World War II

Fans of the Greatest Generation will be interested in a seven-part series starting Saturday in The Guardian. You can catch it by following the link below, or going to
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Why I Like Being a Professor

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things to write about. Some reflecting on how politics spin back to life in Connecticut (The coup installed regime of Honduras has removed Professor Dario Euraque of
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