Ever hear of ‘thunder snow?’

In the midst of all the falling snow expected Friday, something strange could happen — “thunder snow.”

That’s when a thunderstorm occurs in a snowstorm – and it could happen Friday night, said Bill Jacquemin, chief meteorologist with the Connecticut Weather Center in Danbury.

At the storm’s worst, which is predicted to be Friday night, there will be very low visibility, very strong winds and swirling, drifting snow.

Greater Danbury should expect near-blizzard conditions Friday night into early Saturday morning, Jacquemin said.

He’s predicting about 17 to 24 inches of snow in western Connecticut. Across the state, in the state’s northeastern corner, that could climb to nearly three feet.

“There’s a lot of moisture with this storm,’’ Jacquemin said. The colder it gets Friday night, he said, the lighter and drier the snow will be and the most likely it will be that the winds blow it into huge drifts.

Best to “enjoy” the thunder snow from somewhere cozy.

“There’s really no reason why anyone should be outside, at least until daylight Saturday,’’ Jacquemin said.

Jacqueline Smith