State warns of CO poisoning after storm

The state Department of Public Health is warning residents of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning if power is lost and alternative heating sources are used.

The department said the potential for deep snow, loss of power and improper use of heating devices could cause dangerous levels of carbon monoxide to build up.

DPH is urging residents to use portable generators safely and not to bring outdoor grills inside the home for cooking and warmth. Exhaust from portable generators and grills can release dangerous levels of CO.

When using a generator or grill make sure you do so outside and not in the home.

Always run a generator outdoors far from your home and your neighbor’s, at least 20 feet, and away from doors, windows and air intakes.

Deep snow can also increase the risk of CO poisoning in homes and cars.

Make sure inlets and outlets for your furnace are free of snow. Some furnaces have exhaust vents that can be blocked by snow, causing ventilation problems.

After a snowst0rm, make sure your vehicle’s exhaust pipe is clear of snow.

After Superstorm Sandy there were numerous cases of carbon monoxcide poisonings from people improperly using generators and outdoor grills.

Last week a man house-watching an Oxford home was killed by CO fumes along with three dogs in the house.