Best songs about snow

Why is it we only hear the songs “Winter Wonderland” and “Let in Snow” at Christmastime.

The lyrics don’t even mention Christmas, but they thrown away once the ornaments are boxed up.

It got me thinking … what are some of the best songs about snow.

A few come to mind:

“Snow (Hey Oh)” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

” Valley Winter Song” by Fountains of Wayne.

“A Hazy Shade of Winter” by Simon and Garfunkle

“Snow is Falling” by Chris de Burgh

“Snowbound” by Genesis

“Snow” (from “White Christmas”) by Bing Crosby

We asked our Facebook friends for their picks. They include:

“Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” by Frank Zappa

“Snow” (from “White Christmas”) by Bing Crosby

“Snowbird” by Anne Murray

“It Snowed” by Meaghan Smith

“Snowblind” by Styx

“Cocaine,” (a different kind of snow) by Eric Clapton.

“Cold Rain and Snow” by the Grateful Dead

“South Side of the Sky,” by Yes. And yes, there is a snow reference in this song

“Let it Snow,” by Dean Martin

“Snowblind Friend,” by Steppenwolf

“The End of the World as We Know It,” by REM. Hmmm.

Jim Shay