Danbury to initiate travel ban

Mayor Mark Boughton has confirmed that the city will initiate a level three snow emergency in the city as of 5 p.m., which means all travel for non emergency personnel will be banned on local roadways.

Boughton said anyone who is not an emergency personnel or returning home from work will be ticketed by officers with the city’s police department. The mayor said he also expects to sign a state of emergency declaration for the city at about 5 p.m. The last time the mayor said he signed a state of emergency, “oh, about six months ago.”

“There was a time when state of emergencies were rare,” he said.

The most reliable weather models for the area that have been accurate in past storms predicts total accumulation of about 18 to 20 inches by Saturday morning, Boughton said.

“We are imploring anyone who doesn’t have to be out to stay off the roads,” he said. “The winds are already picking up and we expect some very dangerous conditions tonight.”

Dirk Perrefort