Down, not entirely out, in Fairfield Center

Out and about in downtown Fairfield about 9 p.m. Friday, scarcely a creature was stirring — save a few cross-country skiers heading up and over the Unquowa Road bridge and a sun-glasses-wearing snowman out front of  Las Vetas lounge, which, alas was closed.

Only the redoubtable Mike’s Pizza was still doing business in the center of town.

Meanwhile …

The proverbial bowling ball could have been rolled down the middle of the Post Road (U.S. 1, for gosh sakes) and hit … nothing.

And over at the downtown railroad station here’s a sign that could break a late-night commuter’s heart …

But the “Service Change” has so far not stopped Metro-North trains from rolling through, in both directions, on a reduced schedule.  Here’s an eastbound train now …

Didn’t look like a soul got off. We’ll see about tomorrow.

Meantime, seems like someone left those eerie pink lights on at the psychic’s shop on Miller Street.

Snow has changed to a driven, icy sleet mix for the time being … but a forceful snowy re-boot is expected late night.

John Schwing