Metro-North Giveth and Taketh

Expect more trains leaving Grand Central Station on Metro-North lines this afternoon and fewer on the tracks  after 5 p.m., when Friday’s nor’easter is at its worst.

Aaron Donovan, spokesman for Metro-North said at about 11 a.m. that all Metro-North trains were running on, or near schedule.

After noon, Donovan said, Metro-North will start adding extra runs on all its routes to make it easier for commuters to get home in advance of the worst of  the storm. Experience has shown that there’s a greater demand for more trains at these times, he said.

But after 5 p.m., Donovan said, Metro-North will run fewer trains. In part, that’s because of decreased ridership  people who are home will want to stay home. And it’s also because, having put more cars on tracks earlier in the day, Metro-North will have fewer cars available.

“It’s zero-sum game for us,” Donovan said.