Metro-North still running.. for now

Officials with Metro-North said trains are still running, although they are closely keeping an eye on conditions as the nor’easter becomes more severe.

Aaron Donovan, a spokesman for the railroad, said that while there are no “firm” plans to curtail service, “that is a possibility depending on the severity of the storm.”

“Our crews are constantly monitoring the conditions and we are standing ready to make the call to suspend or reduce service if we have to,” he said.

Conditions that would require the suspension of service, Donovan said, include high winds that could make it dangerous for passengers standing on platforms, ice accumulation on the tracks or “snow reaching the threshold” that trains can no longer run through.

He added that the while the old M2 cars used on the New Haven line had the propensity to “ingest snow” causing equipment malfunctions, the newer M8 cars on the line don’t have that problem.

The diesel trains that run on the Danbury line, he added, are often better in the snow than some other locomotives.

Dirk Perrefort