Roads on verge of closing

At 1 p.m., Gov. Dannel Malloy had not yet closed state road to traffic.

But Kevin Nursick, spokesman for the state Department of  Transportation said that move could come at any time this afternoon.

“The roads right now are in accetable conditions,” he said. “But once it starts snowing one or two inches and hour, we start playing catch-up.”

Nursick said the state DOT had 630 plows and truck ready to clear state roads, along with 50 private contractors providing trucks and crews. Nursick said that the state expects to hire an additional 150 private crews as the storm progresses.

He said that in general, people have heeded warning and stayed off the roads. That’s the best course of action to take, he said.

“If you have an accident in this weathger, you tie up the plows, you tie up emergency responders you tie up everyone,” Nursick said.